Welcome to ThinkingThoughts!  I am ThinkingWoman, and I will tell you a little bit about myself so that my later ramblings can, if you desire, be put into some sort of perspective.

I am currently 39 years old, the mother of two lovely daughters,  married, working full-time and, like everyone else, just trying to make it all work.

Life hands you some strange things sometimes, and I have been handed a wide variety!  Most of my energy – what doesn’t go to paying the bills! – is spent watching, listening, and observing…and always, ALWAYS, thinking.

This blog is my way of sharing with the world exactly what I’m thinking…and it will vary.  You’ll get everything from how the holes in acoustic tiles work and why (a burning question for me lately!) to the genesis and evolutionary functions of different types of love.   Days will go by without posts…and then there may be three in one day.  It will be erratic, but I hope it will never be boring.

Thanks for Thinking of me!