It’s not the article that pisses me off, but the comments.

 You will NOT find anyone on the planet who is a bigger proponent of proper spelling and grammar.  However, this is ridiculous. 

 I have read these books.  I know these books.  My daughter loves these books.  She does not, for one second, think that they represent proper grammar.  She does not learn spelling from these books.  She reads them, not to be educated, but to be entertained. 

WHEN did we stop allowing our children to be entertained?!?  WHEN did that become a crime?  WHEN did it become necessary for every single thing they encounter to be “good for them”? 

Anyone who thinks that Junie B. Jones needs to be BANNED is a self-absorbed, pretentious idiot with far, far too much time on his or her hands and far, far too little to worry about.  And yes, you can quote me on that.