I searched for silence today, and found peace
I ran, fleeing noise and clamor and all of life’s grand cacophony
Wearied and worried and hurried and sad
Hunted, haunted, seeking a quiet place to catch my breath.

I searched for silence today, and found peace.
I found it in the soothing murmur of a shallow stream
In the familiar rustle of piles of dry leaves underfoot
In the slow but steady beating, beating of a tree’s quiet heart,
Deep within the bark beneath my hands.

I found peace-peace that allays sorrow, dispels anger, revives joy.
I found it in the gentle caress of living pine needles against my cheek
Like the loving touch of a kitten’s velvet paw, reminding me that those we have lost….
Are never lost…are only changed
That they are here around us, part of everything, and all is one…

I found peace, and quiet, and unity
Remembered joy, which I had not known I had forgotten…
Discovered anew beauty that had been there all along
Waiting for me to see.

I found peace–I was gathered in the arms of Mother Earth
Comforted and cosseted, reminded that I am hers
Gently rebuked for my willful blindness
And admonished not to wait so long, next time, to search.