Okay, someone really needs to explain to me the evolutionary purpose of PMS.

Assuming that humanity in fact has become what it currently is as a result of a process that retained characteristics that AID in survival, and abandoned characteristics that HINDERED survival…every characteristic that is prevalent in most of mankind (womankind, in this case) should probably be a survival trait, yes?

So tell me, please, how it is that blind, unthinking rage; intermittent bouts of severe depression; homicidal tendencies; and a complete inability to tolerate the slightest aggravation can possibly aid in the survival of the species?  Because frankly, I don’t get it.  But I have it.

Here’s what I think.  I think that PMS, and in fact the entire menstrual experience, are actually Nature’s punishment for failing, for yet another month, to do our part to contribute to the survival of the species – i.e., get pregnant.  I think this is a giant cosmic Smack Down for letting down the team.  It’s the only explanation that makes sense.  Cramps, body aches, muscle and joint weakness, extreme fatigue, and sheer insanity cannot possibly be considered survival traits! (Oh yeah, and don’t forget that extra 10 pounds of fluid that leaves you about as able to avoid predators as the Pillsbury Doughboy!)

The problem is, pregnancy gets you all that crap too, plus 18 years of the severe depression, unthinking rage and extreme fatigue…so where’s the incentive? 

Somebody dropped the ball here.