Ban the word “bitch”??  I think not!  No, ladies, banning is never the answer – we all know exactly what happens when you tell someone not to do something, right?  They are more compelled to do it than ever.

I have no interest in banning the word “bitch” anyway.  I am a bitch, and I’m proud of it.  I enjoy being a bitch.  I celebrate being a bitch.

Let’s stop and think about the kind of behavior that typically incites these epithets, that makes people start lobbing the “b” word all over the place.

If you stand your ground and refuse to allow someone to cut you off in traffic, for instance – you’re a bitch.

If you speak up and tell the waiter that you didn’t order the steak well-done, you ordered it medium rare…and he tells you that it IS medium rare, which it clearly isn’t…and instead of backing down, you insist on speaking to the manager – you’re a bitch.

If your husband spends every night with his feet up in the recliner watching TV while you cook dinner, clean up, and take care of the kids (oh yeah, after you worked all day!), and you call him on it, insisting he do his share – you’re definitely a bitch.

If the service department at the car dealership tells you a problem is fixed, and it isn’t, and you call them on it and make them really fix it – and then answer the customer satisfaction survey truthfully instead of politely…no question about it, you have officially achieved bitchhood.

If you defend yourself when lambasted by a manager…if you make sure your co-worker knows you heard her talking about you and you didn’t appreciate it…if you confront your neighbor about their dog/cat/loud radio/out-of-control kids…if you don’t leave a tip because frankly, service sucked…all very telling signs that a bitch is in the neighborhood!  (And, coincidentally, all behavior that would be applauded in a man.)

If you walk with your head high, your back straight, and your eyes wide open because you know that (1) you have to take care of yourself because as beautiful as the world around you is, it’s also a dangerous place and no one really has your back; and (2) you are as deserving of survival and contentment as anyone else…

-if you know your worth and defend it…

-if you speak up when someone else is trying to take advantage of you or someone you love or respect…

-if you are willing to fight for what you believe in and what you know is right…

-if you refuse to take second billing when you have earned first…

-if you, in short, respect yourself and insist that others do so as well…

If any or all of these describe you – then oh yeah, my sister (or brother!), you can most definitely call yourself a Bitch!

With pride.

I don’t have any interest in banning the word “bitch”.  Frankly, I OWN the word “bitch”.  I love it.  I’m considering having it tattooed on my ass.

Don’t ban it, embrace it.  Make it ours.  Wear it with pride, and when you come to verbal blows with some ignorant, low-minded Neanderthal and he calls you a bitch, smile at him and say, “Thank you!”

That’ll really piss him off.